Sunday, June 1, 2008

June 1, 2008

Sorry to be such a wimp but I lost my post twice so far tonight. Here is the painting as it ended today. Will write much much more tomorrow

Peace Always


May 31, 2008

photograph by Rick Brandt

Today was my daughter's first dance recital as a teacher and not a student. She had been taking classes a the same dance studio for most of her life and like all dancers considered the "senior-teacher" dance the pinnacle of success. Unfortunately my daughter dropped out of dance school in high school to attend a private high school that had a top tier dance program. Anyway low and behold she gets to dance in the "Senior/teacher" performance this year as she is now a part-time teacher at the very school she grew up in. I had to spend the morning getting 8 tires for my daughter's and my car, bring lunch so we could nosh and came back to town a third time (40 miles round trip) to watch her dance. Long day-no painting.

May 29, 2008

The painting sessions themselves are going much better although my time is so limited that it seems I just sit down, catch a groove and its time to move on. I think such is the life in central PA when the winter breaks and before we get the hot humid summer that causes every one to host a party, dance recital, dinner party, BBQ, etc. None the less I got some painting done. The two legs (barefoot) are god's feet. I decided to make him/her a female mostly because I liked the idea of cut-off shorts and painted toenails. One of the nails is not perfect-either chipped off or was bitten so even God appears to have a flaw.

From now on you will see two paintings one right side up and the second the view will be the direction it was left when I was done painting. Hope this isn't too confusing.

Peace always