Saturday, July 19, 2008

July 19, 2008

I have been going to a shrink fro many years now with great success. She is a new-age gal though to meet her you would think otherwise. She has a Educated English accent, quite pleasant to look at, a small diminutive and is quite un intruding. She listens, she talks, I listen, I talk.

One of the things I had been unable to grasp was a concept she used of "asking for what you want/need?" and the universe will provide. It took me a while but eventually I have time and time again tried it. It's been my limited experience that this philosophy is absolutely true. That being said however delivery is never via the means you thought it was to be.

For example. I have been having a physical summer with lots and lots of gardening, hiking and yoga. The house was being cleaned from the inside and out, laundry caught up, the garden bursting with food to carry me through the fall.

But I though for one week it would be nice to do nothing.

I pictured staying in a cabin with no electricity in the woods alone with my dog.

or an private beach reserve that I could just take photos of shore creatures all day

Knitting on a porch at Cape May, New Jersey (maybe a nighttime beach walk)

Well as I knew I got that week via an allergic reaction to most likely an insect. First my neck swelled and hurt, then the sides of my head, then forehead and now my eye are so puffy that it's hard to see when I go outside and squint in the sun.

I have spent the week, napping, reading, watching tv and videos, nighttime sitting outside. I managed to continue laundry and dishes but other than that little else. My canvas is wrapped on the kitchen table waiting to be stretched when this vacation is over.

Peace Always