Thursday, August 7, 2008

August 7, 2008

Not Quite Dead
6" x 12" x 10"
Acrylic on metal file box with fimo, moss, string, metal bell, foam core,wood box, silk

I am nursing a pinched sciatica today which was caused by stressing my left hip to such an extent that it went out causing a pinched nerve as a result. After a trip to the chiropractor I optimistically though I would be "fixed" and today I could resume my rigorous schedule of gardening, hiking and berry picking but my 50 year old body tells me otherwise.

So faced with another day of sitting still, which I do not do very well, it occurred to me that I could start a new painting. Several hours later I am still figuring it out. I have the sense of what I want to do subject wise and will wait patiently for a "cartoon" of the painting to appear in my head.

While waiting I figured out that kneeling does not bother your sciatica and I managed to weed the garden a good bit. Today the only preparation for the upcoming show will be to paint the "Not Quite Dead" pedestal with a fresh coat of white. I made the pedestal for this piece so I could have a small pocket for handouts concerning this piece and my inspiration for creation. Since "Not Quite Dead" uses the "N" word I didn't want to give the impression that the piece was a hate piece. It is about hate words and how they still exists and will do so until we all accept each other as we are without unwarranted malice, hate or fear.