Friday, October 3, 2008

October 3, 2008

"My Backyard" photo by Sharon Lee

"Hermit of Halfmoon Valley"
acrylic on canvas
18" x 24"

Day after day I write this blog with the purpose of "explaining myself" as an artist and hopefully drumming up some interest in my art work. My art site can be accessed by clicking here.

When I decided to do a blog I thought consistency would be important and decided to try to write almost every day. I find myself writing much about non art things as you can't really separate real life from creating life it all melds together into one. Something noticed in a woods with my dog-it's bound to end up a part of an artist project. My thoughts were that the best way to sleuth my art is by telling the back story.

It would help if I could get some comments from you readers. In addition I'd like to experiment a bit and see what happens if each person who reads this blog passes the address to two other people. They can be offended by my work or like it either way their input will be interesting. So sorry to give homework on a Friday but please write a comment and send to me as well as pass this blog address on to two other people. Hopefully they will be interested in carrying on this assignment and also comment and send blog link to two other people. Will keep track of this experiment and tell you what happens.

Peace Always


P.S. The Smokey the Zombie Bear series is now avaiable for sale on Ebay, Smokey the Zombie Bear I, Smokey the Zombie Bear II, Smokey the Zombie Bear III,Smokey the Zombie Bear IV