Sunday, January 25, 2009

January 25, 2009

My daily blog is sometimes truly a challenge for me. For instance today what's to write of?-nothing creative was done. Had lunch at an Indian restaurant with a friend, read about Nuclear Energy in addition to Herland, a short story of a society of only women, did the two-day-old pile of dishes, laundry, drug in some firewood, spoke on the phone to my mother and made several cups of tea. So what's to write? Then I thought of a source of inspiration that I've mentioned before. Since I am still inspired I'll mention it again: Keith and the Girl.

KATG is a podcast created 5 days a week by a couple in Queens, New York. It is funny, touching, annoying, shocking and totally entertaining. This couple pull their resources together and make a quality show. Their guests are entertaining, many whom are comics and musicians. I've been inspired by their drive, imagination, consistency, intelligence and creativity.

Peace Always