Sunday, December 21, 2008

December 21, 2008

Todd Rundgren at the Birchmere
Arlington, Virigina
Photo by Sharon Lee

Having been an active supporter of Todd Rundgren's music for the past 31 years, the impact his work has had as important to my life as any friend or family member. There is not a time in the past 31 years that Todd's music was not playing in the background like some kind of theme music for my life.I had assumed that his fans would share my feelings about his body of work. But of course this is by no means true. Whenever I go to a live show or read a review or internet post I am over and over again hit with this reality. Thing is whether or not I like each and every bit of song that Todd creates, I still respect and appreciate the man as an artist. Some things work and some things don't but I always feel that what is made is a genuine reflection of his creativity. Even an album like "Deface the Music" which was an obligatory album made with attitude has many things of merit.

It's common for artists to be strongly criticized but good to remember that sometimes things that don't work at first morph into something amazing.

Peace Always