Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May 6, 2208

In the post of May 5th I wrote a bit about creating art without consideration of the people who will eventually view my pieces. I want to continue this thread but thought it best to use today's post to give a brief rundown of what is involved with getting a piece of art shown in a public forum. Please remember this is how I do this process, it certainly won't hold true or everyone as we all have different goals, assets, and strengths.

About a day or so after my piece feels completed I move it off the easel and towards the front door where it will stay until the next time I drive into State College where I will drop off my piece to be professionally photographed. I had tried in the early days to do this on my own but found not only was the quality inferior but it cost more in the long run. , I have the photography studio, whom I have been working with for many years make me 20 slides and 2 tiff files which they put on disc. One disc goes to my webmaster to update my website and the second I keep at home as a safety in case the first one is mislaid. I try to update my website as often as feasible adding new shows and new pieces as often as available.
My ultimate goal as far as showing of art is concerned is to have a few pieces of mine in a permanent collection in a number of museums. To date I have not succeeded this goal but do come closer and closer all the time. Generally I enter indoor juried shows. I look for shows with interesting jurors, artists I like (such as Faith Ringhold), curators of museums that I would like my work in (Whitney, MOMA, Carnegie, Warhol) and show that have worked for me in the past. To enter a show you need to fill out an application form, repeat most of the information on your tiny slide, send a resume or cv, SASE, slides and fees. Some shows even charge extra for the artist's reception. Once a piece of mine has been accepted into a show I take it to the frame shop I use and chose a frame (from gazillions). Once all of that is done the piece is either driven to or shipped .If shipped I make my own wooded crate to ship in, with send with return postage.Occasionally I will attend the reception if it is either close or a place I would like to visit but it is usually cost in efficient to attend many receptions.