Saturday, September 20, 2008

September 20, 2008

The Dishes Hadn't Been Done
acrylic on metal tray
15" diameter

Because I am self employed, I realistically work seven days a week. Even a off day involves some amount of work for instance last Wednesday when my daughter and I took a day trip to Pittsburgh I needed to pack and ship two things through the United States Postal service and one item via UPS. I also took my camera with us in case I found something that was interesting to photograph for either my on going group of "arty" photos or something to add to my daily post.

Today I painted for most of the day. Paint time usually means something won't get done. In the case of today there were several things that were neglected: no walk in the woods with my dog, no gardening time and lastly the pile of dishes that were amassed today still remain unwashed.

I have been painting scenes from the hearth since my daughter was young and I began to paint some 14 years ago. Undone dishes have been part of my paintings including scenes from the "Housewife Series", 2000, "Pulled in All Directions", 1999, and "The Dishes Hadn't Been Done", 1998.

Peace Always