Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 28, 2008

Today was one of those days where painting just flowed. I knew exactly which colors to put where. I recognized which parts of the painting did not work more readily and had painted for a few hours feeling only minutes had passed. Unfortunately the weather outside was also fabulous and it was impossible not to spend some of my day soaking up the rays while hiking with my dog Sophie and mowing the lawn. Around 6pm my daughter stopped by for our "Wednesday night take-out" date-(she gets Korean and I Thai). Since we live in rural Pennsylvania we have to drive to town, using precious $3.99 a gallon gas to collect our booty. On our car ride she was discussing an upcoming dance performance that she's involved with.

Although our disciplines are different there are many similarities. One time we were discussing the cycles of liking /dislike of our works. There's the initial excitement when you come up with an idea inevitably followed with the ebbs and flows of like and dislike as the dance/painting progresses. Today she told me that she usually works out issues through dance very much the same way I do. We brainstormed a potential dance to express her thoughts about being allergic to gluten but the ideas we came up with were either too obvious and dumb or appeared to be racist in nature. Discussions such as ours illuminate the similarities of all art disciplines once they are torn down a bit and analyzed.