Sunday, September 28, 2008

September 28, 2008

A self professed long time fan of Todd Rundgren, I keep up with his career via an email group, several web sites and a podcast,"Rundgren Radio". Recently Todd himself made an audio appearance (not sure what to call an audio appearance) on Rundgren Radio with an announcement that he was having financial issues and was offering an opportunity to buy into "The Second Mortgage Club where you would be his guest for the evening, go attend his concert, have some dinner, get a shirt, a USB of his new Album, posters, etc. and watch him record a song for an upcoming album he is working on.

Years ago I would have never imagined that an artist as talented as Todd Rundgren, a guitar player's guitar player, award winning producer and one of the most technological innovators for the past 40 years would have to resort to peddling his private time to pay some bills. Please don't get me wrong I do not see any problem with Todd doing this-he has bills and they have to be paid-everyone can identify with that scenario. However the state of the world is such that artists (musicians, comics, dancers, visual artists, etc) have to continue to hustle to make a living. This is not a surprise to me as much as a renewal of disappointment that this is how important the arts are for most people.

For more information about Todd Rundgren 2nd Mortgage club click here.

Peace Always