Friday, October 24, 2008

October 24, 2008

Yesterday, accompanied by a friend who owns a pick-up truck we headed to Pittsburgh (2-1/2 hours southwest) to pick up my artwork from the Fein Art Gallery. Showing at this gallery was an expensive though useful experience and had the article in this issue's, Art Calendar about "vanity" galleries come out a month and a half sooner, I might have learned the same thing at a much reduced cost. Anyway onward.

As we were driving through the dark mountains away from the city to our rural community of darkness we imagined my art work in the bed of the truck, in particularly the menstruating puppet from the Menstruation Theatre, flying out of the bed and landing in a well lit (preferably) intersection (Super Sheetz, McDonalds, strip mall at a stop light). I recreated the scene in the road in front of my house to pass on the full illusion.

Peace Always