Saturday, August 30, 2008

August 30, 2008

Final few crunch days before pieces have to be delivered for show at Fein Art Gallery in Pittsburgh. I dug out an antique ipod to load on the sound track for the Menstruation Theater, purchased a portable dvd player to present "The making of the "Wall". I went back and forth with whether or not to show this dvd as there will be no monetary transaction for either me or the gallery as the actual piece is unable to be shown. Finally decided it could offer a painting break should someone need to divert their attention a bit.

Tomorrow I need to chose some music from a music library to play softly underneath the original soundtrack which is talking and tool noises. Also an audio transfer from cassette to cd will be made. My final chore of today is to recheck my list of things to bring to painting drop off including: artwork, staple gun, dvd player, ipod, headphones, tape, epoxy and directions.