Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 31, 2008

Besides getting ready for the show at the Fein Art Gallery in Pittsburgh, I have two pieces (framed and ready to go) for the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art Biennial, and a small solo show at a local coffee shop, Websters on Aaron in State College during the month of December. The space at Websters is fairly small and I'm planning on making at least a couple of paintings site specific (one of the line at the coffee counter and something reflective of life in State College, PA). I also would like to show some of my photographs, most of which are nature photographs taken either at the local state game lands or in one of my backyard's gardens. My plan is to have 10-15 photos double matted at the frame show and then find simple pre-made frames that will suit the photographs. Because the space is small I also would like to paint a few "tiny" photographs. The photo at top is the size and simplicity of the statement the paintings that I see myself doing for this show. Today I had some editing experience as I selected music for the background of "The Making of the Wall" DVD that I am showing at the Fein Art Gallery. There were about 100 options in the library music I was looking through. At first it seemed slightly overwhelming and then I began to get a feel for what was needed and I choose pieces that felt right to the scenes the music will serve.