Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September 3, 2008

Just Another Fact of Life
acrylic on wood
20" x 22"

Yesterday was spent driving to Pittsburgh to deliver 25 pieces of art work for the show at the Fein Art Gallery. The space is very nice in a section of Pittsburgh that has a mix of old architecture with new restortations. Driving a 10' U Haul was a bit of a challenge on the road to Pittsburgh as there is construction most of the way so you are continually dealing with no shoulder, orange construction barrels and temporary cement walls. With day light the drive was considerably easier but once it got dark I had some issues that made the drive seem more frightening for my passenger as well as myself.

Although my mission was simply to drop off artwork I never miss a chance to explore and re-explore Pittsburgh and had a delightful day at Construction Junction (building salvage), East End Co-op (so much like the coops of the 70s), a great meal at my favorite Ethipoian restaurant (Abay) and a look see at one of the most enjoyable consigment shops Avalon. Even found a vegan cupcake at a Dozen Cupcakes in Squirrell Hill (Yummy).

Today I spend several hours making a detailed instruction/catalog for the gallery reiterating anything that important for hanging my work including thumbnails of each piece so it is easy to label for the show. Painted for about an hour today but weariness took over and I had a nice long nap in front of the fan on a hot summer day. Very relaxing. If only my brain would forgive those days that I need to take off and not beat me up too much for skipping walking in the woods and doing yoga. Too hot to garden. Did manage to make some more yoga props and wrap a yoga chair, two blocks and an eyebag to be shipped out.

Peace Always