Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November 18, 2008

Vince Redhouse
Photo by Rick Brandt

As often as possible I bring my dog to my closest neighbor's house for a doggie play date, releasing some of the excess energy my Border Collie mix has in her system. These times remind me of play dates for my daughter when she was young and the play date's parent and I would gab about serious, or silly topics until the kids started to argue signifying the end of the "date".

Much the same with my dog Sophie and my neighbor's dog Bella.Today the dogs were having a good go at it and playing hard while Ben The neighbor) and I discussed Thanksgiving. I was stating that while I enjoyed the feast feeling of the holiday it seemed to be contrary in practice to the life I aspire to live. My friend reminded me that Thanksgiving was a traditional feast replicating the original Thanksgiving when Native Americans brought food to the immigrants and had a feast. I asked the question "What if it wasn't meant to be consumed at once?"

Maybe the food was to be prepared and preserved for the long winter, venison and birds to dry and salt, corn that would still be viable in February, Apples that lasts until March?

Just a thought.

Peace Always

Sharon Lee