Friday, September 19, 2008

September 19, 2008

Because most of my work is autobiographical, if something or someone comes into my life whether good or bad it will eventually make it's way into a painting or sculpture.

Two years ago I decided to make the plunge to become a vegan. After 20 years as a vegetarian I thought the transition would be a gentle one never suspecting all the new information I was to learn and how becoming a vegan ultimate opened my eyes to many more things than I anticipated.

The garden has become more important to me once I learned a bit about the food industry In addition because I live in central Pennsylvania I have access to many small produce farms at the local farmers market, fruit and veggie stands and through Penn State's weekly market. I take it upon myself to be an activist when I can.

Included in most of the past two year's works are statements, both verbal and visual about my experiences as a vegan. From my small studio in central Pennsylvania I get to pass on some information as well as entertain visually.

Peace Always