Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July 30, 2008

Meanwhile Back in the Congo
acrylic on canvas
22" x 22"

Today I was contacted by a gallery in Pittsburgh to do a two person show during the month of September. It seems there was a last minute cancellation and my name came up as a possible replacement. As this is one of my first gallery shows I expect to learn a bit about the process of doing these types of shows. Until now the majority of shows I have participated in were group juried shows which have their own expenses and procedures.

For this show I am required to bring to Pittsburgh 20-25 pieces of art. Immediately I searched through my works and did a body count and found around 22 pieces I consider show worthy. I then remembered having a "The Wall" in storage which is quite large and will easily equal three or more pieces.

I have three pieces that I have just framed for a local show and I am considering using one or two of these pieces for the Pittsburgh show. I generally do not to pull accepted pieces from a show however the visibility in Pittsburgh is larger than that of Altoona. However the art supporters in Altoona have been very supportive of me and my work so I will carefully consider which pieces I will pull from the show.

A quick trip this afternoon to the frame shop was needed to drop off three more pieces to be framed, "Meanwhile Back at the Congo", "Summer '07" and "Jackson's Trip to Heaven".

For the next few weeks I will be dusting off paintings. picking up framed pieces, transferring the audio track of the "Menstruation Theatre" to cd, transferring the video of "The Wall" to DVD, procuring the equipment needed to play these things, making arrangements for a truck rental and assistant to load and unload artwork, collecting publicity materials and looking for the appropriate opening outfit to wear.

Over the following few weeks I will add to my daily blog any information concerning preparing for the show.

Peace always