Wednesday, October 22, 2008

October 22, 2008

Cuff design-Angela Keslar
Hand model-Meagan Brandt
Photography by Sharon Lee

Everybody raise your hands!

I've decided to vote this presidential election according to the candidates hands. My criteria includes: looks, grace and movement. Hands down (pun intended Barack Obama has a large lead over Sen. McCain.

Here are the reason's why:

Skin Color
Barack Obama has finger skin the color of a milk chocolate Hershey bar, a beautiful smooth mellow brown color.

John McCain has hands the color of Gluten-free rice bread-whitish grey with a hardness and chalky texture

Barack Obama uses his hands in a fluid and graceful way such as a dancer uses his or her body in a performance. It is magnetizing to watch.

John McCain pumps his tightened fist in a repetitive pound not unlike the pistons of a car engine. He also counts weird with his hands while he is making a multiple layed point.

Barack Obama looks as if he has smooth manicured nails. Most likely this is done in secret as the press would be all over him for such an indulgence. I imagine Michele pushing cuticles back with an orange stick and buffing his nails to a lovely sheen behind closed doors late at night.

John McCain looks like the kind of guy that gnaws off his nails then rubs them against a rock to smooth things out.

I'd like to include Sarah Palin's hands possibly giving John the nudge he needs to make the race closer than it is but I suspect there are dried pieces of wolf, polar bear and bull shit underneath her nails which would be smelly and unsightly making including her a bad idea.

Peace Always