Wednesday, August 27, 2008

August 27, 2008

Sophie with a butterfly on head
photo by Sharon Lee

Still quite busy getting ready for the show at the Fein Art Gallery next week, my daughter's new apartment needs, restocking my supply of yoga props and trying to retain a semblance of non dust order in my house while all this happening. Dragged out the Menstruation Theatre from its cedar closet and I was grateful to find that I had carefully covered it and all was in great shape. One bottom board needed to be re-glued, new batteries are necessary for the mini lights, a bit of dusting and she is good to go.

During an evening walk in the woods with my dog Sophie I decided I would put a dab of perfume on the puppet so every time you walk past you would slightly notice it. Consulting over the phone with my daughter, I decided on one of her Dolce and Gabana fragrances-light and not cloying.Tomorrow I have two art related errands: hair dyeing (roots) and pick up five pieces that are finished being framed. I love to see the final pieces always a surprise and usually a good one.Still undecided about whether to rent a cargo van or take the 10 foot U-Haul I have already reserved. Maybe the answer will come to me in a dream.

Peace Always