Thursday, August 14, 2008

August 14, 2008

Jesus And His Band Of Pseudo Hippy Trash Go To Ma Mary's For Lunch
acrylic on linen
24" x 16"

In the year 2000 I painted "Jesus And His Band Of Pseudo Hippy Trash Go To Ma Mary's For Lunch". The idea behind this piece was that ultimate women get stuck with food preparation for meals and if Jesus was wandering the desert with his band of friends eventually they would stop off at Ma Mary's to get bite to eat.

I updated Jesus' friends to look more like contemporary hippie types plus my daughter, Meagan, a contemporary hooker and myself. My daughter is in the long sleeve blue dress which was a blue dress that I made her so she could dress like Anne of Green Gables (there was a scene in one of the Anne books where Matthew bought Anne a long sleeve puffy shoulder dress that she wanted).

The woman hanging down in Carhardts carrying two heavy buckets is me weighted down by responsibility. Next to me is my deceased dog Jackson, and in the far distance is Meagan's dad with his computer.

The top left of the painting is the table being set by Mary and the bottom left has Joseph cashed out enjoying an afternoon nap.