Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 22, 2008

Summer '07
acrylic on hemp and organic cotton
32" x 32 "

Is it me or is it impossible to be creative in the heat of the summer. It's outside all morning, cool down for lunch and indoor house chores, back outside for a bit, rest in front of fan for a bit and long hikes into the berry laden woods. When is there time to paint???

I got my new canvas stretched-The size is 36" 36". The canvas is made from organic cotton & hemp which I got on-line from Nearsea Naturals. Tomorrow I will gesso 2 coats if it's not too humid. Have no idea what the subject of this painting is to be. Had a couple of ideas a while ago but their feeling of importance has faded a bit.

Will keep you posted.

Peace always