Monday, January 5, 2009

January 5, 2009

Car Ride
acrylic on canvas
36" x 36"

Today was the making of a painting.

If the Ups delivery person had looked in the window of my daughter's apartment, they would have seen nothing more than a black and white dog sitting guard and two women folded around each other wrapped in faux cashmere blankets, sitting in front of a lap top surrounded by 1/2 empty Chinese take-out cartons.

Today my daughter and I traveled the world researching a fantasy trip we plan to take a place that feels unique to where we live. First we open a page for the currency calculator and starting with "a" any country with a good exchange rate was further researched. Our next screening was if there was a traveler's advisory that country was 86th (sorry countries). Next was food. I am a vegan and my daughter is getting very close and can't eat gluten so we have to go somewhere that has some options. Kazakhstan was removed because of their diet of strictly meat, bread, dairy and fish. I was willing to go to a veiled country my daughter not so much and the wars in Africa make her nervous and we discarded the options to visit the entire continent. Maybe some other trip. I said no to the Bahamas because of their negative attitude towards gays as well as another country-forgot where. They had a penalty of life in prison for homosexual activity.

Most likely it will be a small vignette, part of a larger story, larger painting...but maybe not.

Peace Always