Wednesday, May 21, 2008

May 21, 2008

In keeping with my self-imposed task of painting every day and documenting the results of that day's session, today posed a bit of a time challenge. A morning vet appointment, trip to the ATM, post office and then an afternoon shopping with my daughter who is about to move into her first apartment, left me a single hour to paint. Mostly I worked on getting the colors correct in the leaves behind the fallen bird and the cloud behind that. Not much else to say about today's session.

But a few days ago when I was picking up art from a show that had concluded I had an interesting conversation with someone and thought it was interesting enough to repeat here. Last year I painted "The Lesbian Amish" which was a series of four scenarios of the life of a fictional Amish woman. This piece had been sold before I even had a chance to show it by an art collector who has a lovely art collection of which I am fortunate to be part of. Because this annual show has a specific 6:00pm pick-up time I often find one or two persons waiting for me and we share a few minutes of conversation. This time was no different. I had a few conversations and left with three pieces under my arm. As I neared my car in the parking lot I was approached by a woman who asked me to pose with my artwork while she took a photo. She then proceeded to tell me that she now had "The Lesbian Amish" painting in her possession. Apparently the wife of the original owner had put her foot down and insisted that he get rid of my painting as it was highly offensive to her. So my painting exchanged hands and moved on to its new home which I was assured was safe and appreciated.