Saturday, November 29, 2008

November 29, 2008

Before I start my diatribe about "Black Friday" let me openly omit that I, Sharon Lee are not by any stretch of the imagination a shopper. Having said that would someone please explain to me the attraction of shopping on Black Friday? Of course I know that stores offer "incredible" sales but as in the case of the stampede murder of a Walmart employee in New Jersey, it seems to me, an outsider, that the stores are building up shopping tension by limiting the hours of sale from ridiculous early morning hours to a few hours later.*

My mother and sister are both Black Friday shoppers. My next door neighbor is a Black Friday shopper. I have never shopped then nor see myself in the future doing so.

Perhaps shopping on this day gives shoppers the holiday jolt, signifying the beginning of a season of giving, parties and baking. Maybe suffering through grabbing arms, being smashed by shopping carts, being overheated in a mall carrying a winter coat and packages reminds people that they are alive.

Sorry guys I just don't get it. From a person who shops online

Peace Always