Thursday, October 30, 2008

October 30, 2008

Photo by Sharon Lee
Model Meagan Brandt
Clothes by Angela Keslar

Artists are thought of as being the voice of the society they live in. Most of the art I create has a political bend yet stays away from specifics. One exception would be the painting I did in reaction to the government's failure in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. (sorry photo not available)

Last week I was listening to television coverage of the $150,000 wardrobe of Sarah Palin. There were a few things I took issue with as far as the way this was handled by Ms. Palin. The first was her statement that once this campaign was over she would go back to shopping at her favorite consignment shop in Anchorage.

I had a few questions about that but I needed to check on a few facts before I continued. As I suspected the vice president lives in Washington D.C. (the southeast corner of 34th Street and Massachusetts Avenue). Would that mean that Sarah would take Air Force One and fly to Alaska to shop there. Does she not think she will win and move to D.C.? She also stated that these were not her clothes. Are we to believe that these supposedly custom made clothes will not be hers?My own daughter is a fashionista of the serious sort. She does not have a fraction of a $150, 000 including designer shoes, purses, sweaters, dresses, etc. How exactly does one spend that much money on clothes that are needed for approximately the length of time of a long vacation?

Peace Always