Sunday, April 27, 2008

April 27, 2008

It seems I missed a couple of days posting-must blame it on this spring cold I have. I would like to go back the "Untitled" piece, this time talking about the upper right quadrant. This was the first section I painted before I had almost a year break in finishing the rest of the painting. I painting the right top during the Thanksgiving season. I am usually stuck with all the preparation and clean-up for the Thanksgiving meal so I painted this to express how I felt about the daunting task of holiday meal preparation. The 3 women floating over me are women of the past. The one with the pants is my grandmother, one is the grandmother of one of the guest who was coming to eat with us and the third is my deceased mother-in-law. I feel that when you cook a traditional meal you don't cook alone but carry the influence of those who have done this task before. I also like to believe that the women of our past are still with us especially when we are doing something that is about the family. The colors in this quadrant are noticeable different from the others which is because my palette had changed slightly from one year to the next.