Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 10, 2008

Photography by Sharon Lee
Construction work in Atlantic City 2004

Today was a non-art day. When I look back I'm not sure there was one creative thing I did except try to make a new recipe. I was trying for making burgers of TVP and veggies into something resembling a burger patty. It did not work and I was not fooled into thinking the pile of rubble on my plate was a patty.

There's a thunderstorm stuck in the mountain range I'm in so even though there is no rain now I hear thunder and will respectfully stay out of the woods until it possession opportunity for my daily walk with camera.

I spent more time managing trash and laundry, ignored the growing pile of dishes and trying to stay as cool as possible. I don't have ac at home (part ethics/part costs) but I do have 2 small fans that I can strategical aim at myself and my dog during the sweltering parts of the year.

I had hoped to at the very least take a photo of something new blooming in my garden but I spent a few hours getting little done weeding a bed that had a lovely blooming foxglove but was ravaged with weeds. Then there's the work that is very non artistic. I work as a part-time assistant to a web/video production company with a wide variety of jobs and responsibilities. Today I had to do some transcribing of two interviews to be use in a promo for a local University. As I was typing every "like", "um" and "er" and sentences that when you read don't always make sense. Out of the 50 minutes of transcription only 3 minutes is to be used.

And while I was having this very non-art day I was thinking how alike non-art things are to painting or creating.. When I paint most of the time I am looking at one small area that is in front of me. When the paint becomes to wet. to be workable I step back, scan the entire painting and move on to another small spot. Sometimes the art work is made of random thoughts that originally weren't the whole idea but are usable in telling the story I wish to tell. Somedays I spend moving paint around from one area to another to make it work not unlike managing laundry and trash and weeds. And in the midst of all the chaos you still see something that makes you interested enough to continue.

Peace Always