Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June 3, 2008

Well I'm finally feeling that the end of this painting is near. Not everyone of my paintings I love, in fact I'm usually satisfied with only one out of three which isn't bad but as a perfectionist This painting falls into the two out of three category. I would like it to be three out of three. As far as this painting goes I am mostly unfinished with the background and some areas around the words. Today was a good painting day although once again it was fabulously beautiful outside and I had to force myself not to stray outside too often. My dog Sophie gave me until about 3pm when it was time for our walk through the woods.

I have been taking my digital camera (Cannon G9) with me as much as possible and especially on my hikes in the woods. Today I tried to capture my dog leaping through a field of ferns. I didn't capture her mid air leaps but will keep trying. Pennsylvania's Mountain Laurel-the state flower is just opening up and there were lots of pink and white just opening flowers throughout the woods.

Even though time away from the easel may not seem like time spent painting it actually is research and inspiration and I find myself revived for my next painting session.