Sunday, November 16, 2008

November 16, 2008

Photo by Sharon Lee

My daughter has been fortunate enough to be invited to join in a new dance company with a director who is connected and highly motivated. The choreography is interesting and complex, the costumes always seem to be the right amount of clothes and colors.

We only got to see a partial program as this was their first professional run through to see what the company is looking like three months down the road. Having a child in the arts is fabulous while a the same time frustrating and a bit scary.

Dance is beautiful and a lovely expression of emotions, politics, culture, etc. At the same time making a living in the arts, any aspect of the arts can be challenging and frustrating. I've always encouraged my daughter to follow her dream but now that she's older I don't ignore the impracticality of living life in the arts but discuss things as real as possible.

Peace Always