Saturday, October 25, 2008

October 25, 2008

My Riff with Jack

I have never understood the Jack-o-Latern. Before I go on I must interject that I have for the past 19 years secured a pumpkin for my daughter, carved out the guts, an indication of eyes, nose and mouth and lit it from within with a stubby candle. The glamour of the pumpkin lasts at most an hour when the fruit is fresh and unblemished with rot.

Only in a culture of excess would it be acceptible to nuture a rotten piece of food on the counter for a week up to several. Although perfectly edible Jack-O-lanterns are traditional not used for food-their purpose is that strickly of decor. A few months ago my only child moved into her own place prompting an reassessment of my surroundings. This year the only pumpkins that will be brought into the house will be meant for pumpkin muffins, pie or pudding.

Peace Always