Monday, December 22, 2008

December 22, 2008

Photo of Sophie for back cover of book
By Sharon Lee

Finished the bulk of illustrations and writing of "Adventures Of Sophie". All that's left until I switch things over to the computer is to design a cover, spine, back cover and rewrite one of the pages. My goal has been to get all the hard copy stuff (illustrations and writing) done before I start school (re-entering college as an ancient student) mid-January. Next week I will take the illustrations which are black ink on vellum and have them scanned at the photo place in town.

I'm happy with the illustrations, fairly pleased with the writing and think it is a good solid book with potential for series. Used the characters from "Adventures of Sophie" in my Christmas cards this year created for friends and family. Good practice getting to know the lines of the characters as well I got to explore a bit with color of which at this point the book has none of. Will be taking the next few days off, tomorrow to clean an apartment (gotta make the fakin' bacon) and then Christmas and Christmas Eve for food prep., gift exchanging and general insanity.

Happy Chanaka
Peace Always