Thursday, February 12, 2009

February 12, 2009

Going to school is truly a learning experience in many ways that I had not anticipated. My classes include information about Global Warming, photosynthesis, women's Utopias and loess. I have learned to log off the computer in the hall when done using it and to print off Enthemology's Power Points from the same computer, to save ink. There is no consistency in any of the food places. Each time you order something you will be surprised. I have learned that the crosswords in the Collegian get harder as the week progresses. I've watched the fish at the Salt Water tanks and found a few new ones that I hadn't noticed before. I've gotten to know the orange fish who is always rubbing his/her belly on the orange amoebas looking something like a cat rubbing its stomach on a rug. You can get free NY Times, Collegian and Centre Daily Times with a student id. And I have yet to meet an employee of Penn State that wasn't helpful and pleasant.

Peace Always