Friday, August 29, 2008

August 29, 2008

A brief trip to the local frame shop and $750 later, I have all the paintings I'm bring to Pittsburgh for a show framed and ready to go. There's just a few small tasks left for this weekend-get the audio for the Menstruation Theater onto an ipod, attached the ipod in a discrete location on the theatre (under or behind), transfer VHS to DVD (the actual footage of "The Wall" being removed from the back of my house and purchase a portable DVD player to play it on.

There are many hidden and not so hidden costs in doing a show like this. Gallery fees upfront have to be paid, framing, two-u haul rentals, purchase of DVD player, hotel cost for opening night, gas to get to Pittsburgh (three times-drop off, opening, pick-up) and the obligatory lunch on delivery day. Even so a two person show in a city gives me more visibility than I get in the group shows that I usually do.

Peace Always