Sunday, April 13, 2008

April 13, 2008

"Not Quite Dead" is a single metal file box painted with acrylic. On the three sides are underground scenes with rabbit, mole and snake nests, pieces of pottery, a deceased family pet, a can, seeds sprouting and soil. Each side's color is painted with the states California, Pennsylvania and Arizona in mind. On the top surface is a layer of moss, a bell, a string and a gravestone. Inside the drawer which is partially open is a coffin with the word "Nigger" (made of Fimo painted with acrylic) lain in a bed of red silk. Part of the string from the top of the metal file box comes into the drawer and is secured to the side of the small wooden coffin. On the sides of the pulled out drawer are words painted in acrylic including "cunt, wop, cracker, wetback, fag".

In my next post I will tell of my intentions in creating this piece. Currently I don't have an available photo of the piece but will post as soon as it's available.