Monday, August 18, 2008

August 18, 2008

Sitting at my long cherry kitchen table today, as usual was my neighbor friend, Ben, me and our two dogs (Sophie and Bela). We have a sort of morning tea cloche almost daily where we talk about the previous night's occurrences and hopes for the upcoming day. Today Ben was noticing all the paintings of mine that have been shuffled into the living room/common area in preparation of an upcoming show. (Pein Art Gallery, Pittsburgh) Since he is part of my daily life he knows all the inside stories of many of the paintings, his dad, a common character. He thought he would like to come to my opening and tell people the back stories of the paintings he was familiar with. As kind as it is I declined the offer and explained that I was planning a separate viewing of this show for friends and family after the first public one.

I have attended a fair amount of openings with and with out family and friends. No mater how well briefed the kids are they get hungry and bored, the male adults are anxious to go and grab a bite to eat and the adult female wants to get back to lounging at the hotel and ordering room service. So this opening it will be all business for me with a glass of wine and yummy vegan dinner afterwards alone.