Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June 11, 2008

No painting started although I have a general idea of which direction I want to take. My plan is to be secretive about this painting until I'm sure it's well on it's way as I sometimes change my mind mid painting and wouldn't want to restrict that instinct because I had publicly stated my painting's intention. However I always have a creative idea or two brewing books to write , magazines to publish, photographs, videos, sewing, knitting, gardening you name it and I'll figure out a way to introduce emotion, color and pattern into that activity or thing(s).

A friend and I are going on a two-hour drive with some of his buddies to drive in a 4 x 4 park. Please don't expect me to explain the thrill of driving through mud and terrifying hills for me driving is a most un-enjoyed chore and if I could and live close to a town I would ride my bicycle and gladly give up driving. However my friend's passion is for driving in conditions and in places that appear to be undriveable and this was a birthday gift from me to him. I am planning on visually documenting as much as I can both through a video and digital still camera and an additional mounted camera. I have no experience in taking these types of photos and/or videos-but I like the challenge and really like the opportunity to combine my search for aesthetics, beauty and patterns in something that doesn't on the surface appear to be what would normally be considered to have a potential subject matter for art.