Sunday, January 18, 2009

January 18. 2009

Photos by Sharon Lee
Broken Pipe

Homage to Ken

Many years ago I was fortunate enough to have a neighbor willing to take the time out and teach me skills that are necessary to maintain a house without the continual expense of calling in the "experts" every time a repair or improvement is necessary. This was no easy task for either him or I as my "fixing" skills were non existent and I struggled often to understand the simplicities of structure and repair, many times accompanied by tears of frustration.This past week we had a severe cold snap and as a result I had frozen pipes.

Thanks to my friend and neighbor I calmly assessed the situation, defrosted the pipes and made necessary repairs with no more stress or anguish that going to the grocery store and picking up a few things for dinner. Clearly I was able to see the problem, knew what I needed to do to solve it and even knew the necessary language to describe the part I needed.

Many thanks to you Ken, my house maintenance guru. I restored water to my home and can now flush the commode and take a bath.

Peace Always