Monday, June 9, 2008

June 9, 2008

Yesterday when I was doing early in the day gardening I noticed that some short poppies were coming up in a cluster of about 10. Sorry I have to go back a bit an explain my garden (and do not think it is anywhere near weeded as we have had 3 weeks of rain into many many days of exhaustive heat and humidity-but I digress) Most of my yard is part of one or another flower bed. There's the two beds at the front of the house under the maples and another small spot with all day strong sun. In the shady garden I had planted hostas of many varieties and planted them in a simple pattern, some old traditional orange day lilies. and a nice small leaf ivy which slowly climbs up the wood fence. But let's move on. As you go to the back of my yard you pass a work area of wood-firewood brush, etc under a giant maple tree-hardcore no real beauty to this section of my yard but:

1. It doesn't need to be mowed
2. I love to see piles of firewood-like money in the bank.

At the edge of the shade of the giant maple tree is the first bed I have in full sun and it's a basic the entrance bed for the garden In this bed goes the flowers I treat myself with I had a blue lupine there, a beautiful blue delphinium, striped green and yellow grasses, mint, primrose, ground sedum, comfrey, sweet woodruff and a delightful pink poppy. Last night when I looked I saw only the pods. This morning when I got up to look the pods were still attached to the flower (like a chick coming out of the egg shell) By afternoon the pods had already dropped to the ground and the flowers were fully opened. I took the attached photo this morning around 9:00 am.
Peace Always