Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December 16, 2008

Illustration of "Red Bear"
from Adventures with Sophie
Playdate with Bella
by Sharon Lee

Thus far this winter, my creativity has been expressed through the writing and illustrating of a children's book. It is a series called "Adventures of Sophie", the first installment named "Playdate with Bella."

The process of making a book is very different from painting and I find myself retraining my focus as I work on the various components of the book. While writing I need silent though when I paint I prefer music or podcasts. Because my house and studio tends to be cold I find myself working on this project in the inner sanctum of my bedroom where I can stretch out my legs and prop up my back comfortably and my studio where I paint sits cold, dark and dusty. Doing a book at this time is also forcing me to learn computer programs and websites that I have until now ignored. The beauty of painting is that it is a timeless activity very much the same as it was many many years ago.

Peace Always

Playdate with Bella
Sharon Lee