Sunday, August 24, 2008

August 24, 2008

My daughter moved into her first apartment yesterday. As she was getting ready in the morning we had several cell phone conversations including one about clothes. Now if you know me I am not the one who would tell anyone how to dress especially not my daughter who can tell you which designer's cut of clothes is best suited for her body type. I wear only comfortable clothes usual of the work-paint-garden variety and I assumed that in this scenario (moving) I could actually offer some clothes advice. I talked her out of wearing flip flops because of concern I had over stubbed toes which would deeply affect her recent pedicure. Finally she showed up at my house from her dad's and she looks like she is about to play doubles at a very upscale country club. Beautifully tanned legs, small white shorts, silver sneakers, white tank top and a summer weight light grey almost white Juicy zippered hoodie.

So in honor of my daughter who has a wicked sense of style for all occasions I started a new circle on the painting I am working on. No title yet, just the laying in of lines.