Thursday, September 25, 2008

September 25, 2008

Photograph by Sharon Lee

As quickly as spring turns to summer here in central Pennsylvania, summer turns to fall. The day light length is considerably shortened and I struggle to do my outside tasks (gardening, hiking, laundry) leaving enough daylight to paint. As the calendar moves towards the end of the year. I will begin to rely on synthetic light and will relearn, as I do every year, how to adjust colors to be valid in pure light.

One thing about painting with man-made light is that it actually is easier to see the details of what you are painting. Yes the color may be off but the way I set up the light in my studio there are no shadows cast and I fully see the canvas. In the long daylight months I often have to move the easel from place to place to avoid glares and shadows caused by natural sunlight-come December they're will be barely enough hours of daylight to create an issue.

Peace Always