Sunday, May 18, 2008

May 18, 2008

Most times when I paint I listen to either podcasts or music. I'm not sure how these things work but having background noise on tends to keep my mind still and focussed what is visually in front of me. Today I was listening to Vegan Radio which is a vegan radio show broadcasted from Northampton, Massachusetts. Today the hosts were talking about animal testing and they mentioned Felix the chimp who was serving science by being a test subject and who was scheduled to be terminated once the tests are concluded. This gave me an idea to paint the bottom of the painting of earth as we know it with its turmoils (such as the demise of Felix) in opposition to the upper parts of the painting which is a view from heaven, much simpler and not as visually busy. Ofttimes I have a general sense of what I want to say in a painting but draw inspiration from the various things I listen to often adding and/or manipulating the painting to reflect ideas that I get from both podcasts and music.