Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August 13, 2008

Big Gulp
acrylic on organic cotton and hemp
38" x 38"

A few glasses of beer last night with my friends, a late start to my day today as a result, lost glasses, mislaid backpack...

So with the exception of delivering a painting I just sold and making some yoga props today was pretty much a bust. No art created. No visions inspired.

A few days ago I did start a new painting which I will I plan to periodically post. The working title of this painting is "Collection of Stories" but that title is subject to change. It will be a series of different seemingly unrelated stories with hopefully a connecting thread.

The first story I'm working on is "Fall From Grace" which depicts Eve walking around collecting food to eat. The canvas is 38" x 38" organic cotton canvas. A 38" canvas is large enough that I can both sit and stand while painting.