Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May 20, 2008

Today painting came much easier. I decided to leave the robin in and put her/him on a bed of leaves in the clouds so it didn't appear that the bird was falling from the sky. My main focus was still to lay down the basic colors although I focussed most of my attention on the two birds and the areas behind them. Right now one of the problems I am having with this painting is visually pulling it all together. Tomorrow I intend on working on connecting the mountains behind the red dog and the area of the two birds. I also hope to add more to the "earth" part of the painting (bottom section beneath the clouds). I have a few ideas such as Todd Rundgren's 60th birthday bash (see May 14, 2008), a hike through the woods and/or some issues that have come up concerning people and how their agendas can interfere with relationships. I have no idea at this time how to visualize these things and by tomorrow it is quite possibly that new ideas will replace these when I sit down to paint.