Sunday, October 26, 2008

October 26, 2008

Way's Fruit Farm, Stormstown, Pennsylvania
photo by Sharon Lee

Sarah comes a Callin'

I've avoided getting political on this blog as everywhere you turn someone is praising or cursing one of the two presidential and vice presidential candidates but lo and behold Sarah Palin came to Way's Fruit Farm (a mere five minute walk from my home) to get a pumpkin with her daughter. It's unusual that she would visit such a remote area when most of the candidates and their supporters regularly stop in either State College or University Park only twenty minutes away.

I'm not sure how much a trip to Way's Fruit Farm cost Ms. Palin's supporters. I know that she was in Johnstown earlier in the day (1-1/2 hours southwest so perhaps she and daughter were passing through on their way to bigger and more populated places. Perhaps her campaign strategist thought a stop at "real America" would boost their support and perhaps it did. The day following the visit the Way's had a larger than life McCain-Palin sign.

Watching the election campaign has been interesting if nothing else. Barack Obama bowled in Altoona. Sarah Palin bought a pumpkin in Stormstown. Not sure what any of this has to do with running a troubled country.

Peace Always