Friday, May 23, 2008

May 23, 2008

Life as an artist is not always filled with excitement. Yesterday although my intentions were good I did not get a chance to paint because life needs got in the way. I would love to report that the reasons were of utmost creative importance but in reality it was a hair managing appointment (I have semi-long thick curly hair which periodically has to be tamed by a specialist), a trip to the post office, stop at the gas station ($3.99 a gallon!), long hike in the woods to tame my very energetic border collie mix, and the unexpected salad and a beer invitation from a new friend I'm just getting to know.

Today was a bit better with a medium number of distractions. I worked about four hours on two of my non-art related jobs:cleaning houses and selling yoga props, visited with friends, talked to my daughter a bit, went to the woods, watched two beavers swimming, did some yoga, and happily painted for the length of a Keith and the Girl podcast..

I worked on the leaf colors-made more progress getting the color fairly close to what I want and have moved on to work on the red dog. He may get a little bigger and possibly will change his red coat for one with more orange in it. I painted more of the yellow background-sky, but may change color completely when I work next.