Thursday, April 17, 2008

April 17, 2008

I realize with some controversial pieces they will never be shown in the usual art forums (i.e.. juried shows). That's my summation anyway. So I set my sights on an unjuried show that would take place in any city that had its own newspaper. If my piece is protest worthy in any respect it could reach the media through a local newspaper. Unfortunately controversial pieces don't always get front stage as I found out in a Biennial several years ago. My piece "The Menstruation Theatre" was juried in the show but placed down the hall to the restrooms, past the the coat check. It took a bit of effort to actually find the piece. It reminds me of DuChamps piece in the Philadelphia Museum of Art which is in the further-most corner of the museum in a small dark room. In my next blog I will tackle my reasons for doing controversial pieces and how they do and don't work to an artist's (my) advantage.