Friday, September 12, 2008

September 12, 2008

Thought Bubbles
Sharon Lee
acrylic on organic cotton
38" x 38"

A full day of rain with very little distractions helped me over the hump to finish the painting "Thought Bubbles". Off to the frame shop next week and then to the photographer's. I'm planning to bring this piece to the one person show I am doing at Webster's Cafe in State College in the month of December.

The final painting day of a piece of art is a good day while being also being one of disappointment. It is always rewarding to finish a piece. Now is the time I get to look at it finish from a distance. For a few days I will move it to a spot over my kitchen table and glance at it all day long. It is cathartic although I truly can't explain how.

Disappointment is always there at the end because the fun of the painting the middle to end once the palette has been nailed, which is pure play is over. No struggle with getting the colors correct-they have been determined by this point. This is the time of creating that I turn on my ipod and just experience the fun of painting

Peace Always