Monday, October 6, 2008

October 6, 2008

At some point of the day I do a quick summary of what I did during the day and if it translates to something that can be written in this blog. Nothing, it seemed to me at that moment had any bit of creative relevance, in fact I was shocked that a full day could go by without any creative impulses.

At first glance a day sans art:

Drove 2 hours to deliver a piece of camera equipment (free lance job)
Take-out at Thai Restaurant
Pick up painting at Frame Shop and drop off two photographs to be framed
Walk in Woods

That's it. That is the summary of today. However, during my last activity I thought more about my day.

Drove 2 hours
This is through the most beautiful part of Pennsylvania during leaf changing season. Past several Amish communities and lots of roadside veggie and fruit stands. Color Inspiration!

Take-out at Thai Restaurant
Nothing creative.

Pick up painting at Frame Shop and drop off two photographs to be framed
Actually I spent well over an hour trying to chose mats for two photographs I was to frame. Both of these photographs are of Todd Rundgren. Playing with textured and colored mats is fun and should be tried at least once by all.

Walk in woods
what can I say "Color Inspiration!!!"
and there was that bear....

Peace Always


P.S. The Smokey the Zombie Bear series is now avaiable for sale on Ebay, Smokey the Zombie Bear I , Smokey the Zombie Bear II, Smokey the Zombie Bear III, Smokey the Zombie Bear IV