Saturday, December 20, 2008

December 20, 2008

Adventures of Sophie
Play Date with Bella
page 7 & 8

In the wood milieu
Dwelled Sophie and Bella 'longside

In translation...

In the middle of a beautiful forest setting lived Sophie and Bella in homes that were situated next to each other.

While many men, women and children battled the crowds for some last minute shopping, I spent a good part of today working on "Adventures of Sophie". Finally finished the linquistic part which for me was the most difficult part. I created a book that has some depth in it so as it is read more things are realized both linquistically as well as visually making the read entertaining enough to last for multiple readings. When my daughter was young we read favorite books over and over. One such book was Peter Spier, "Grunt, Growl, Gobble", which sustained both our interests through perhaps 40 or so readings.

Peace Always